Who could use a Postscription?

Postscription is a monthly subscription to stay in touch with your loved ones. Each month, you'll get one of our patent-pending pass-on Postscription postcards in your regular mail. It's pre-addressed to the destination (no digging up the address book) and already has the right postage (no finding the lost stamps). All it needs now is your pertinent hand-written words to your dear friend to take this simple postcard and turn it into a treasured communication!

Keep the Conversation Going All Year Long!

In order to facilitate a conversational dialog, Postscriptions will be initially mailed to alternate recipients, so each month they can expect to write or receive a Postscription postcard. Both recipients end up with half of the Postscription postcard each month.

Postscription_Steps Get Postscription - Tear postcard in Half - Write Thoughtful Missive - Drop in P.O. Box for Delivery!

Custom Postscription Postcard Design


The exclusive Postscription Postcard design is our hand-crafted monthly calendar that's filled with daily anniversaries, notable firsts, national celebrations, and international holidays all packed into a postcard worth saving! There's plenty of discussion items on each card, and it's updated annually to cover all shifting American holidays. You'll be inspired with conversation factoids all month long for a whole year!

Give a Postscription, and Practice your Penmanship!

Fill out the full name and address of the two recipients who will be communicating this year. Each recipient field should include first & last names, street address, city, state and zip code. Once you've entered and checked both recipients' address information, click the PayPal button to securely pay your annual subscription fee of only $24 for 12 Pass-on Postcards.

(U.S. Addresses only, Maximum 200 characters, both fields required)

What You Can Expect After Your Order

us_postal_service_logo PayPal will notify us of your payment, and we'll email an order confirmation within 24-hours. This email notification will be the last opportunity to check for recipient address mistakes and make changes, as we cannot change orders once they go to press, and all postage is non-refundable! Your first Postscription postcard will arrive at the first recipient's address in the U.S. Mail within 3-4 weeks. We are not liable for recipients not re-mailing postcards. Contact us at Under Design with any problems or questions regarding your Postscription.